Facility Services

MASS & co Facility Division has qualified experience staff who has Buildings, Civil and infrastructure skills well over 20 years. We have involved in commercial buildings, Erection of steel structures, apartment buildings and individual houses in different countries as well as in State of Qatar. In civil constructions we have worked under bridges, culverts, RCC ducting, etc.

We have experience in Sewerage constructions, sewerage house connections; GRP treated water lines, Road constructions, Canals, etc. We have knowledge to run a project from the awarding of a project to until handover it to the client and our staff can manage all documentation as well. Our services include:

  1. Civil Constructions (Roads)
  2. Building Constructions
  3. Sewerage Constructions
  4. Interior Designs & Fit outs
  5. Landscape Designs & Constructions
  6. MEP installations & Services
  7. Maintenance Works
  8. Man Power Supply

Health, Safety and Environmental Plan

We recognize the need of safety and health of the personnel makes this an integral part of the business. This plan explains the companies HEALTH, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT POLICY and commitment to health and safety of working people and protection of employment.

Our key corporate values include:

  • To achieve customer satisfaction
  • To supply only zero defect products
  • To improvise employee development and well being
  • To prevent any injury and ill health by focusing to achieve zero accident tolerance
  • To prevent pollution and to preserve the natural resources
  • Compliance to all legal and other requirements applicable to Environment and occupational Health and Safety
  • Continual Improvement in all the functional processes
  • To continually improve the performance of the IMS


  • All level of management shall be healed measurably accountable for the HEALTH and SAFETY of operation under their control.
  • Department head or Project Manager shall be responsible for the implementation of the SAFETY POLICIES procedures applicable to their assigned area or function.
  • Top Management shall be accountable for the quality of the HSE performance in company.
  • Safety Engineer/safety officer shall act in an advisory and coordinate all departments in the development and implementation of company HSE procedure.
  • Supervisors/Forman are responsible for enforcement of safety rules and regulation maintaining safe working conditions and immediately correcting, reported or recognized unsafe act or conditions affecting personnel and facilities under their control.
  • Supervisors/Forman hands must ensure that adequate training is conducted that the employees fully understand the training materials.
  • Each employees of the company is to comply with all “RULES OF CONDUCT” established safety practices and policies.
  • Each employee is accountable to report to his supervisor any operation which, in his opinion poses an imminent danger to any one or an acceptable loss of equipment or facility.


  • Company shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries to its employees and the public from accidents associated with its operation.
  • Company shall provide a safe and healthy work environment for every employee, contractor and visitor.
  • Company will fulfil all requirements of Government local codes, regulations and directives.
  • Company will provide necessary safety requirement, safety devices and training to ensure the safety of all employees.
  • Company will establish an accident prevention program that includes hazard identification, written safety procedures, standards and procedures and responsibilities.
  • Safety program requirement will be implemented and consistently enforced by all level of the management organization. Personnel example and safety leadership will be considered an integral part of supervisory performance evaluation criteria.

Communication Methods

  • An approved written HSE plan should be provide to all personals in the site
  • Safety guidelines
  • Safety instructions signboards
  • HSE statistics board
  • Proper Safety signage’s
  • Personal contact
  • Toolbox talk
  • Reports and records maintains
  • Induction programs
  • HSE meetings
  • Management policy statement meetings
  • Safety suggestion boxes
  • Drills
  • Accident/incident review meeting
  • Written circulars

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)

  • Helmet
  • Safety shoes (Shock, Electricity and oil proof)
  • Safety Harness
  • Welding shields. (Incase if there is any welding task)
  • Safety goggles clear and black as per site requirements
  • Hand gloves light and heavy duty as per task
  • Electrical industrial sockets with water proof cover
  • Water bottles